Do You Really Know What’s In Your Morning Coffee?!?

Do You Really Know What’s In Your Morning Coffee?!?

This may come to a shock for a lot of people, but conventionally-grown coffee is incredibly unhealthy for people and the planet. Did you know that coffee is one of the most heavily chemically-treated crops of any food of agricultural product?! YUCK!

One of the main reasons that coffee requires such large amounts of pesticides and insecticides is the fact that traditional growers often clear wide areas of land, most often in the rainforest, where the coffee plants receive direct sunlight all day.  This strong sun exposure weakens the coffee plants immune system and makes them vulnerable to pests. As you would guess, many of these chemicals (pesticides and insecticides) sprayed directly on the coffee plants end up in the coffee that people drink on a daily basis and therefore harm our bodies. So for most people, their first ‘food’ of the day has already posed a health threat…and as you may know from my digestion and cleanse classes, the body assimilates foods/liquids taken on an empty stomach much more readily!

If personal toxicity isn’t already a big enough factor to switch to organic coffee, consider this:

·         The chemicals sprayed on coffee also cause damage to the soil and pollute the local water supply.

·      Data shows traditional foods have less nutrients than organically grown foods.

·      Workers who have tremendous exposure to these chemicals suffer greatly, including those who work in coffee plants. 

·      As coffee beans are harvested, they are washed with water that is then released back into streams, rivers or whatever source it came from, even the soil…, which of course, includes all of the many different toxic chemicals, is has washed from the beans.

·      Over my lifetime approximately 2/3rds of the rainforest in Central America and Mexico has disappeared for crops such as coffee. The clearing of rainforests, represents an incredibly serious threat to global warming. 

This may be one of my most depressing blogs for some, BUT don’t worry, organic coffee farmers do not use harmful toxins and chemicals on their coffee crops, and most organic coffee is shade grown. What does this mean to you, you ask?! This means you can still enjoy that warm coffee hug in the morning without putting unnecessary and dangerous pesticides or insecticides into your body each morning! The Juice Barn sells only 100% organic coffee from local vendors. Come grab a freshly brewed cup, a morning rush smoothie, or a fresh ground bag of coffee to bring home to start your day of right!!!