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New Spring Calendar Is Up!


Come Join Our Health & Nutrition Experts For A Night That Will Change Your Life!

APRIL: Nat’l Cancer Awareness Month: FREE Organic Pressed Cabbage Juice for anyone fighting/beating cancer! Pressed @ 8am & 4pmJ

·      April 1st: Cancer Prevention: Lifestyle &Nutritional Modifications! 5pm-FREE

·      April 7th: Digestion & Juice Cleanse Class: FREE & 5% Off Any Cleanse! 3:45p

·      April 14th: Girl Scout Nutrition Night: All Daisies, Brownies, & GS welcome! 4-5pm, second session 5-6pm FREE (Wear Your Vest To Enter A Free Raffle!)

·      April 17th: OJB Off-Site: Visit Us @ Health Living Expo in Plymouth MA 10-2pm!

·      April 20th: Digestion & Juice Cleanse Class: FREE & 5% Off Any Cleanse! 5pm

·      April 20th: Gut Health Class: Healing The GUT From Past Antibiotic Use, New Food Sensitivities, IBS, GERD, Candida, Low Serotonin, and More!  By far the most important class we teach for both short and long-term disease prevention, energy, happiness, and health!! 5:30-7:30pm $125

·      May 2nd: Adrenal Fatigue: Rebalancing A Stressed Body to Restore Energy, Libido, Vitality, and Health: If you know you have Adrenal Fatigue, just can’t stop feeling overwhelmed, don’t know why you’re so short-tempered, or just don’t feel rested after a full nights sleep, come do something about it!!! 5:30-7:30pm$125

·      June 6th: Digestion & Juice Cleanse Class: FREE & 5% Off Any Cleanse! 5pm

·      June 6th: Natural Skin Health: Mitigate Eczema & Psoriasis Naturally! Learn the science behind how to eliminate the triggers, heal the skin externally & internally, make simple homemade effective lotions, and leave with samples!! 5:30-7:30pm $125

·      June 20th: Detox & Weight Loss Class: Learn the science behind reducing your toxic load, and in turn the fundamentals of long term weight loss!!  5:30-7:30pm $125


All Nutrition-As-Medicine Classes are bold, taught by our OJB heath practitioners and cost $125 which includes associated juice, smoothie, recipes, samples, supplement, or other! 24 Hours Notice needed for attendance & Given for class changes. Call, email, or visit our website to register for Nutrition-As-Medicine!

412 Washington St. Norwell~ ~ 781-659-2060

Earlier Event: March 22
Later Event: August 31
Summer Calendar!!