Farmacy Health & Wellness

Achieving True Health Through Educated Nutrition & Lifestyle Choices
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Why Hire A Health, Nutrition, or Wellness Coach:

As holistic health, wellness & nutrition consultants, our role is to pilot you in your journey toward true health and balance. Our holistic approach means we will look at all aspects of your health to treat the whole person, and fix the problems, rather than just mask the symptoms.

We specialize in empowering people to feel their best by creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle supported by good nutrition, stress management, movement, and healthy relationships. Knowledge is key, and knowledge about what foods to eat, toxicities to avoid, and balances to achieve will contribute to greater quality of life, and true health. Preventative care is often overlooked in this country, which is so sad knowing that most illnesses can be prevented through nutrition & lifestyle!!!

Come visit FARMacy Health & Wellness inside The Juice Barn at 412 Washington St. in Norwell, MA! Holistic Nutritionists, and Health Coaches are available for classes, group appointments, or one-on-one consultations!