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Why Use A Holistic Health Practitioner:

As Alternative Medicine, Wellness, & Nutrition Practitioners, our role is to pilot you in your journey toward true health. Our holistic approach means we will look at all aspects of your health history to treat the whole person, to fix the problems, rather than just treat the symptoms.

We specialize in empowering people to feel their best by creating and maintaining a healthy “MAP”: ideal lifestyle supported by functional nutrition, stress management, movement, and healthy relationships. Knowledge is key, and knowledge about what foods/supplements,herbs to include, toxicities to avoid, and balances to achieve, will contribute to disease-prevention, greater quality of life, and true health. Preventative care is often overlooked in this country, which is very sad, as data shows that most illnesses can be prevented through nutrition & lifestyle!!!

Our Fees

Our initial consult fee is $395. The initial coaching session (first appointment) will run approximately 1-2 hours and will focus on personal health and lifestyle information gathering. It will also include a full written follow-up implementation plan (lovingly called “THE MAP”)

We encourage you to conitnue the coaching relationship to see best results and hourly appointments are $150/hour after the initial session. If you wuld like to purchase a package of pre-paid sessions, the pricing is below:

  • 3 Follow-Up Sessions: $420 ($140 each)

  • 6 Follow-Up Sessions: $720 ($120 each)

  • 12 Follow-Up Sessions: $1200 ($100 each)

Knowledge is power. Once you know what to do, achieving true health is much more attainable.

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